Artist Statement

In my work I explore my fascination with the balance between décor and narrative. Drawing from ever-present memories and obsessions of my youth to evoke a sense of nostalgia. As a result my love for whimsy is displayed, masking a deeper, sometimes darker narratives.

Employing press molds, I select and assemble chosen quotidian objects that convey my stories. My hope is that the work invites my audience to draw upon their own experience and imagination in hopes of creating a mutual reminiscence.

Largely self-taught, I regularly explore new hand building techniques and glaze treatments. My belief is that the creative process is the most effective vehicle for artistic growth even when inspiration is low. Experimentation is the norm rather than the exception in my studio. Through constant work, ideas arise, skill levels are raised and new narratives are realized.

Most recently I have begun to incorporate mixed media and non-glaze surfaces such as flocking.